Web Hosting , Who are best and good value

Web Hosting , Who are best and good value

I often get asked how I setup my website. Well it was via people per hour and a guy in PPH took on the work.

he was already doing massage too in Manchester in his home town. He setup my website to look much the same  He got me hosted using Blue Host in USA.  I did not like to have a company outside the UK handling my business so I moved it to Go Daddy and well, without slagging them off  (not enough ) they were appalling  , ranging from being slower pages, long waiting times to speak to a rep  to  extorting  me by indirectly  infecting my website with viruses  and then selling me a solution from a company who is related to them from some research I did.  ..

So,  I looked around and found a great fast reliable Hosting company in the UK   called  DDE.Devoted Hosting.

Unlike GoDaddy , Devoted Hosting effortlessly moved my site out of GoDaddy and in to  their hosting servers with no technical knowledge required by me, it was so seamless and easy.

If you want to try them they can be found here



By using this link I get a very small recognition for recommending them as they are good value and good service too.